Plants are essential to help maintain the world habitable for humans. Plants have a variety of forms; they can be trees, herbs, or even takes a bushy shape. They serve as a primary source of food for all species and helps to regulate oxygen balance, the most vital gas that allows living things to breathe. In addition to that, they also keep the ozone layer in check, which helps to protect the Earth from harmful UV radiations. Overall, all species depend on plans in one way or another.

Plants are Dying

Unfortunately, scientists have found that some plant species are rapidly dying. According to them, the extinction of plants is happening five hundred times faster than expected. This information is very much alarming because the death of plants can potentially kill the remaining living things in the future as well.

Based on a previous comprehensive study, six hundred types of plants already went extinct for the last two hundred and fifty years. Which means that the kind of world that exists before was much healthier and safer to live in. It is believed that humans cause this rapid increase in the death count. The toxic way of their living deteriorated the life span of other beings in this world.

Why Does it Matter and What We Can Do

If these plants die, Earth will be exposed to toxins, harmful chemicals, and the rays of the sun. It can lead to the destruction of all living things or cause the planet to rot.

Even in small ways, anyone can help spread the current situation of the world and do their methods to prevent it from getting worse. To be specific, you can do the following:

  1. Show support to Herbaria.
  2. Be in favor of botanists that conduct essential researches.
  3. Educate children about the importance of plants.