Danish Meteorological Institute (DMI) recently posted an odd scene in Greenland. The said agency released photos of dogs walking on water in the country’s north-west area.

Steffen Olsen, Centre for Ocean and Ice- DMI, said the water that the dogs crossed was actually a 1.2- meter thick ice sheet.  However, due to extreme weather condition, the ice sheet melted and increased the sea water.

Alarmed on the situation, Olsen’s colleague Rasmus Tonboe posted the status of Greenland online. He said that they (DMI scientists) needed to ask help from local hunters to keep their dogs alive. It was revealed that the dogs crossing on waters were actually from DMI.

Based on DMI’s press release, they intentionally utilized trained dogs to retrieve their equipment. According to the agency’s scientists, it is not any more practical to get their stuff by hands since most of the ice plate in the area melted dramatically.

The photos of dogs carrying equipment went viral online. People considered the scenes as clear signs of dying earth.

Ruth Mottram, a DMI scientist, also shared his experience. He said that they were sure that they could use thick ice sheets to walk and get their equipment, but what happened was a complete opposite. Instead of thick ice platforms, they were prompted by rising sea water level. However, due to the determination of their dogs, all of the equipment of the agency was still recovered.

Based on DMI’s monitoring, Greenland is already on peak temperature transition since last week. DMI’s station registered 17.3C (63.1F) temperature index in Greenland last Wednesday. And on Thursday, the temperature dropped to 15C (59F).

This recent development serves as a reminder for people to take part in saving the earth. If no concrete actions are made soon, even dogs will find it hard to survive.