A composite team of researchers confirmed that there was a surge of fall-related mortality rate in the U.S. Based on their analysis, from 8,613 mortality cases in 2000, it climbed to 25,189 in 2016. 

Elizabeth Burns, health scientist, said that one of the reasons why more people get killed is the age. She stressed that more old citizens are now living alone. Since most of these people are suffering from chronic diseases, they compromise themselves by independently doing a certain task.

The study also noted that the male group is more prone to fall injuries or death. 

Aside from the U.S., a lot of countries in Europe are suffering from the same dilemma. 

When asked why particular groups will most likely suffer from this kind of tragedy, scientists said that it is a combination of several factors. The lifestyle, race, and physical activity must be considered. For example, if a person is engaged more in outdoor tasks, he or she is at high risk. Also, if the ethnic custom of the person requires him or her to do risky activities or stunts, he or she will suffer anytime soon.

Meanwhile, the researchers informed that the result of their experiment is not 100 percent accurate. Some errors might occur along the way, especially that some of the data fed to them were inconsistent. But nevertheless, this is the trend. More and more people are killed each year due to fall injuries.

The researchers pointed out that the most critical aspect of their study is awareness. People must realize that the older ones are at high risk of getting killed due to fall-related accidents. From the results of the study, interventions must be made to save the lives of senior citizens. This study must be taken seriously before the youths become the next victim.