In celebration of America’s first touchdown on the moon, USA Today interviewed experts to clarify bizarre things during the Apollo 11 excursion. 

On 1969, three NASA cosmonauts took the risk of landing the moon- a truly marvelous milestone of humankind at that time. But technically, only Buzz Aldrin and Neil Armstrong were the ones who stepped down on the moon’s Sea of Tranquility. Another astronaut Michael Collins just remained in the lunar orbit to man the capsule.

Experts Explain the ‘Flag Controversy’

A lot of conspiracy theorists bulldozed the integrity of America by pointing out the ‘odd’ flag hoisted by the astronauts. Considering the fact that the moon has no atmosphere, there must be no external gas that would suspend its position. But based on the photos published by NASA, the U.S. flag planted on the moon was waving still on a lateral position. But of course, the space agency has its own scientific explanation for this scene. The reason for such a standstill flag is the horizontal crossbar made by NASA scientist Jack Kinzler. The said bar was used to keep the flag from falling off the ground.

Basis of the Rippling Effect

Another unusual scene brought out by the skeptics is that the flag has some rippling register. Some people believe that an air conditioning machine caused the ripple effect on the surface of the flag. These people agreed that the lunar conquer is a complete drama, and an air-conditioned warehouse was used as the setting. The said ‘scripted’ act is made to lure the public that the U.S. is not lagging behind the space war. In retrospect, the Union Soviet first sent a human outside the earth in the person of Yuri Gagarin. The said feat compelled America to hype its space program by hook or by crook. 

According to the space agency, the flag appeared to be rippling at some angle since the crossbar that they install did not extend a full 90 degrees stretch.