Have you ever been parked in a parking lot during the night? You must remain calm in situations when you are alone? But as for driving in a parking lot, you should take a look at these precautions. Here’s how to stay safe in a parking lot.

Limit Your Distractions

Don’t look at your phone the entire time. Your focus should be on your surroundings. It’s against the law to be on your phone when driving. So, turn off the phone and use caution when driving in a parking lot. When you are not driving and walking through a parking lot, set the phone aside. You can read any important texts once you are safe in the building.

Use Caution

Drive slowly in a parking lot. Be on the lookout for other cars driving. Most important, be on the lookout for any pedestrians. Use a backup camera to see if there any objects blocking your vehicle when leaving.

Choose a Lit Spot

No, not the term lit that everybody used in college. We mean that you should find a spot that has a lot of lighting. Park as close as possible to the building in the scenario that you are not leaving until night time. Spaces nearest the building are most populated.

Lock Your Vehicle

We cannot express this enough. Always lock your vehicle when leaving it. For anyone who leaves their doors unlocked, there is a good chance that someone may rob you. Remove any valuable from the car that you don’t want to be stolen. Hide them in the trunk.

And also, close the windows to your vehicle. That saves your car from the rain pouring in. Closing your window also lowers the chances of a vehicle-related incident.