This is not going to be easy. You have to put on a brave face. Delivering the awful news that you have cancer to your child is a difficult conversation. Before you talk to them, take a breath. Read these helpful tips on how to tell your child that you have cancer.

It’s Not Okay to Lie

Some parents will try to cover up the negative news by telling it like a joke. This is not a time to joke. Be serious, don’t fabricate events, and tell them that you are here for them.

Is It Necessary to Tell my Child?

It is very necessary to tell your child what is happening to you Everybody’s journey through cancer is different. It’s better that you tell your child than having somebody else tell them.

What Should I Talk About?

Find a Quiet Time

Find a quiet time and quiet room to talk about this. Answer their questions in private, and be prepared to answer any question they have.

Talking About the Cancer

Tell them which type of cancer that you have and where it is on your body. You should also make them aware of any visiting health care providers.

How Will it Affect Them?

Be sure to tell them that the cancer is only affecting you and not them – emotionally that is. This is the time where you should tell your child about how it will affect the family. For example, tell them that you won’t be able to spend much time with them.

Talk About Your Treatment

Talk about what type of treatment you’ll have, how long the treatment will be, and if it will help you get better. Prepare your child for all the changes that you will experience.