Due to coronavirus, unemployment rates have risen. Earning extra cash can be a daunting task and stressful as well. Whether your need to earn extra cash or save money for your future you need to start earning extra cash from now. Want to earn extra cash but you are not sure where to start from? In this article, we have compiled up 10 ways to earn extra cash.

Pick up freelance work online

Start freelancing. Utilize your skills and earn extra cash through freelancing websites such as Upwork, Fiverr, and Freelancer.com.

List your spare bedroom on Airbnb

Rent out your home. If you have a spare room in your house you can list your spare bedroom on Airbnb and earn extra cash.

Sell your photography

Sell your talent. Turn your photography into cash and earn extra cash. Some websites let you sell your photography. For instance, Fine Art America and pexels.com let you sell your photography.

Become an online tutor

The future of education is Online Tutoring. Online Tutoring gives flexibility to the teacher and the student. No rush to reach another location. In this digital era, where every child is more comfortable with online tools, online Tutoring helps them learn more.

For instance, sites like Tutor.com or Care.com lets you serve your services for cash.

Sell your old electronics for cash

Do you have an old tablet in your house? An old computer or a phone lying around in the drawer? Consider selling your old electronics for cash on these websites sites like Swappa and NextWorth and earn extra cash.

Take an online survey

Survey sites like Swagbucks and Survey Junkie will pay you to cash in your PayPal account. Sign up and participate in different surveys and make money.

Sell your gently-used clothing

Sell your clothes which you no longer wear. You can easily sell your clothes online on these sites ThreadUp or Poshmark and directly contact the buyers.

Virtual Babysitting

Virtual babysitting is the necessity of this tech era. You can reach out to your neighbors and engage in healthy virtual babysitting and get paid for looking after their kids and engaging them in the given period.


This might be the best way for you to earn extra cash. Start editing and proofreading skills on freelancing websites.

Online surveys

Participate in online surveys and make money by filling out online survey forms. Research companies need survey answers to test new products so this can be an excellent way to earn extra cash.