If the news that filters in on a daily basis is anything to go by, then it is perhaps abundantly clear that the digital age has put all of us at a serious risk of having our personal information stolen or abused by people we might not even know or have any idea exist!

Still, by the very fact that our human nature demands it, we still acti9vely look for ways to connect with each other easily, better and faster. And to date, there is no other channel or avenue that offers this service as reliably as the internet and by extension, social media platforms. In the interests of keeping people safe and free while they chat and relate with others, platforms like Telegram have been created and they’ve considerably boosted their security as well.

While that is good, we would be remiss if we didn’t state quite clearly that it is not enough by a mile. For this reason, you have to go out of your way to ensure your continued safety in the digital space even while you use Telegram. Some ways to do this include;

Avoid Contact Syncing

This is particularly important because unless you actively disable this feature, it is active and continues to broadcast information that you would otherwise prefer that not everybody has. Also, by controlling the syncing feature on your Telegram app, you can better determine just who has your contact information and who doesn’t. To handle this, all you have to do is go your settings, locate the privacy and security feature and disable “Sync Contacts”. It is that easy.

Use Virtual Private Networks

Yet another resource you can employ here are VPNs. They keep your location and a host of other vital information away from the eyes of the public. However, make sure you use only trusted VPNs. Lastly, you can set your messages to auto-destruct, keeping you further safe.

And with these, using Telegram is safer and more ideal for you.