In today’s world, comfort and sophistication is essentially the order of the day. The meaning of this is that we value comfort and the ease of use of something more and more as each day passes. This is true with virtually every facet of life and with technology, that is more so the case!

One of the biggest achievements of technology by any measure is the advent and subsequent proliferation of the social media community.

Among the literal thousands of platforms that you can find in use today, a few of them manage to reign supreme over the rest. One of these apps happens to be Telegram.

Telegram is the social media tycoon that it is today because of the way and manner in which it approaches the existing pain points of people who use social media platforms. Everybody wanted more security and higher safety protocols while chatting online and they met this demand. Also, everyone wanted to have an easier time chatting and thus, they created one of the easiest ways for that need to be amply met; pinned messages.

The beauty of pinned messages is that they allow you have all the important information you need from a particular Telegram group within easy reach. Now, assuming you have pinned a couple of messages and one day, you accidentally undo this action, what can you do?

The Solution

The answer to this dilemma is directly dependent on what type of group it happened in and your stand or position in that group. Here is what we mean in a nutshell. If you were an admin in that group, then you can easily use your admin privileges to find the message with ease and re-pin it.

However, if you happen to be in a Super Group and you’re not an admin, then the only recourse you have is accept that the message has been lost, show you are admin material and then get it back!