If you’re just joining the Bitcoin trading bandwagon, then, the first thing you need to hear is congratulations! You are without a doubt making one of the smartest and most financially prudent decisions you can make in this day and age.

Ever since Satoshi Nakamoto released is revolutionary whitepaper, the face of the finance and investment world has been changed profoundly forever. Thanks to it, things like Bitcoin came into existence. If you are conversant with the insurance world, then you would know that a lot of people have become financially independent thanks to it. In the same vein, trading in Bitcoin has led to the financial ruin of others as well.

To ensure that you fall in the former category and not the latter, you need to become quite savvy in all things related to Bitcoin trading. To that end, you should know what things like Bitcoin shorting and longing means.

Bitcoin Shorting in a Nutshell

All Bitcoin shorting entails analyzing the market constantly to detect when the price of the crypto is expected to fall. Once you have established this, you sell immediately. That is basically all there is to Bitcoin shorting. A few ways to do this effectively include, margin trading, call and cuts and futures markets, among others.

Bitcoin Longing in a Nutshell

This simply involves buying Bitcoin sitting back and waiting for the crypto to appreciate in value. To ensure that you do this the right way, it is important that you have a platform you trust to store your Bitcoin as it appreciates.

The best Bitcoin investors are those who employ a mix of both shorting and longing. This is because that way, they enjoy the full dividends of both tactics!